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Bill Woodrow

Bill Woodrow is a sculptor that uses scrap materials and consumer goods in his work. Also, he explores the relationships and exploits the tension between natural  and man-made objects. Bill Woodrow’s work combines the appearance of the assemblage with a high degree of manual skill. He uses battered-looking domestic objects that still resonates in contemporary sculpture, such as distressed patinas, awkward and contingent arrangements and an aesthetic of junk-. Moreover, he combines the conceptual and the manual as the act of finding or choosing co-exists with the hands-on interventions and manipulations of the artist. I am attracted by the way he cuts and transforms his objects of choice and the structure he gives them. Bill Woodrow inspired me to re-use scrap materials and to transform them to something else in a way that communicates my thoughts. I believe that he was one of the artists that inspired my artwork “Band_Aids”.


(Bill Woodrow – Sculptures 1981-1988, Waddington Custot Galleries, 2011)

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