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Life in a Shoe Box

At the beginning of Unit 2 I participated in the exhibition “Life in a Shoe Box” in a tiny space in Peckham. The concept of this exhibition was to fit an artwork in a small box, portraying the spatial constraints of life in London and, more generally, in modern cities where many people live and work in small spaces. For that reason, we created boxes where each one of the students would create a unique artwork. I believe that the concept of the exhibition was very interesting because it challenged us to work in a very small space Furthermore, I was part of the technical team for the construction of the boxes.  It was a great experience as I had the chance to collaborate with several students and to allocate duties in an efficient way so that the boxes are fit for purpose and are constructed in time. Also, my participation in the technical team helped me improve my skills in handling wood and constructing objects from wood.


My artwork was placed in a drawer (type C) that we use to store our everyday belongings. Inspired from the phrase “Packed like Sardines” I used cans of sardines and I placed them in the drawer to portray the small flats and rooms that are commonplace in cities. Furthermore,  I placed  a drawing with dots at the top of the “shoe box” representing the sky views of heavily populated areas of cities.

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